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“50 Cent” Files For Bankruptcy…….

And I am forced to respect his hustle even more!

So we have all heard by now that yesterday Curtis Jackson aka “50 Cent” filed for bankruptcy. I was taken aback for a brief second, as I thought to myself “Damn, we can’t seem to keep the money no matter how much they give us!” A list of the other black entertainers who made millions only to go broke was being rapidly constructed purely by my own memory (seemingly in chronological order too for some funny reason) starting with M.C. Hammer Continue reading “50 Cent” Files For Bankruptcy…….

8 Undeniably Positive Things About Being Single on Valentine’s Day

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We live in a couple-oriented world; but finding yourself single on Valentine’s Day isn’t actually such a calamity as idle talkers clamor. For that matter, if they are that eager to teach you how to live, it’s probably because they are bored with their ‘full lives’.

So ignore anything the media or the public opinion may try to impose on you. If you are single, it’s because you like it this way. You can be awesome all by yourself, and there are many reasons to Continue reading 8 Undeniably Positive Things About Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Abuse of Power: Presented By RoR

In today’s edition of ‘Abuse of Power’

*News from Ferguson, MO

*LAPD shoot another unarmed black man.

* How to be an unarmed black man and NOT get shot by police. (Tounge-in-cheek info graphic)

this and other stories of corruption and scandal.