“50 Cent” Files For Bankruptcy…….

And I am forced to respect his hustle even more!

So we have all heard by now that yesterday Curtis Jackson aka “50 Cent” filed for bankruptcy. I was taken aback for a brief second, as I thought to myself “Damn, we can’t seem to keep the money no matter how much they give us!” A list of the other black entertainers who made millions only to go broke was being rapidly constructed purely by my own memory (seemingly in chronological order too for some funny reason) starting with M.C. Hammer, followed by countless athletes topped by “Iron” Mike Tyson, to TLC, Toni Braxton, the list goes on and on. I muttered the moral to the story to myself (which sounded something like “It must be harder to stay rich than it is to live check to check.”) and went about doing whatever it was I was doing before I came across the article.

So let me go ahead and keep it “1 hunnid” by saying…… I came across the article online but I only read the headline and two or three sentences from the first paragraph. I ain’t 50’s accountant, lawyer, offspring or business partners so it’s none of my concern what his financial situation is. Until I came across the story on TMZ TV, where they provided a bit more information than I was willing to read originally.

According to TMZ 50’s filing of bankruptcy came on the hills of losing a couple civil legal cases. One about headphones, and another about a sex tape. A $5 million and a $17 million judgment would catch ANYBODY’s attention as it did “Fiddy”. The thing I will admit is I’ve always understood bankrupt to mean broke, the truth is wealthy people use the financial and legal protection that come with the filing of bankruptcy to reorganize their funds.

CLICK HERE: these are cases that made me equate bankrupt with broke!

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