Finally, We Can Watch Third Eye Blind Cover Beyoncé’s ‘Mine’

#Beyonce #ThirdEyeBlind #Dopamine


There are few absolutes in life, but one of them is that everyone is a fan of Beyoncé. That’s specifically because her personal army, the Bey Hive, have effectively burned all the villages of those who oppose her. But the rest of us who remain are pretty big fans! This apparently includes the pop rockers in Third Eye Blind. Yes, that Third Eye Blind.

With their new album Dopamine on the horizon, their first in six years, the band decided to release a music video for their version of Beyoncé and Drake’s duet “Mine,” and it’s not half bad. (Personally, we’re thankful they had the restraint to not cover “Partition.”) Though, there is something refreshing about this release. While most people get drunk and sing Third Eye Blind, we know now that they probably get drunk and sing Beyoncé. Maybe we’ll finally get that “Jumper” cover we’ve…

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