Really Cleveland……?

Remember Ray Rice?

Cleaveland topped that with this…..

Really? Don’t they remember how much sh*t the NFL, Ray Rice and Rodger Goodell caught for that whole thing? NEWSFLASH- The publice dosen’t find domestic violence funny

2 thoughts on “Really Cleveland……?”

  1. It was a beautiful video, why? It shows just how many people think it is A-okay to get a woman to consent to something, anything, something as stupid as a NBA team to root for through physical violence. It showed an emotionally disconnected couple, almost disdainful of being together with the phoney dance and a husband/partner who did not really value the female as much as her submission to him. The people abusing women genuinely think there is NOTHING wrong with bashing them in the elevator or beating them up because they are “in.” I am thankful for both videos although I am sad Janay had to endure that and be used to raise awareness but no, domestic violence is not funny and id you think it is funny and dismiss this as just a joke then you condone it but don’t have the guts to admit it. Most abusers abuse and then when you have an icepack on your head tell you to lighten up and get a sense of humor about it.


    1. Domestic violence isn’t funny at all! I agree with you 100%. That was what I was hoping people would take away from that post. In the shadow of the Ray Rice incident someone should have known better than making light of domestic violence (the week of Mother’s Day at that). Thanks for your comment. đź‘Ť


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