Why Does God Allow Evil?

The question of “If God exists then…..
#1 why does God allow evil
#2 why do bad things happen to good people
#3 why do the wicked prosper
#4 why do the good die young

along with several other questions are ones I asked myself several times, before I read the Bible. The answers are there for whomever seriously wishes to understand, but in order to gain an understanding you have to first come to understand God. The writer of this post understands that to ask ANY questions as to why God does A or B versus just doing C, one first has to gain a better understanding of God. GREAT READ.

Ancient Abandon

This question is timeless.  It’s one that we’ve all heard many times, and it’s one that will continue to be asked until Jesus returns and puts an end to it.  But how do we, as Christians answer this question?  Rather than offering a simple answer, I want to break down the question itself and go from there.

The Fact of Evil in the World

good_evilWhen we’re trying to answer the question Why does God allow evil? the first thing we ought to recognize and point out is that God is not the source of the evil.  We could mention that He simply permits the existence of evil in the world, but behind even that is an often overlooked truth that evil is simply a part of the world at large.

The Source of Evil

Understanding that evil is a part of our world, we can move on to identifying…

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