Introducing “True Stories”

I recently turned 33 and it becomes an annual tradition of mine to look back like most of us do. I try to keep myself aware of where I’ve been, what I’ve been through in order to better focus on where I need to go (in life metaphorically and spiritually speaking). Looking at the rear view brings up all kinds of emotions anger, fear, pride, joy, hope, shame, I could go on and on but you get the picture. What I choose to focus on moving forward is the hope that comes by way of my faith. I am 100% certain that the only reason I survived the situations that I found myself in was because of the prayers of my loved ones who worried about me, because the only time I would acknowledge the presence of any power higher than myself was when I getting arrested or when I was facing death in its many forms. 

I have come to the realization that My God is an awesome God and what he has given me is a testimony. That is why all of us make it through situations that we could not have made it through on our own, for His glory! I can’t not give God his glory! “True Stories” will be an ongoing series of true stories from my life and situations that God seen me through. While the stories are all true names, places, and other incriminating details will be changed or omitted in order to not put myself or others in any personal or legal unwanted ramifications. I thank God everyday that I no longer live that life, but that life is very real people die (or even worse get long prison sentences) everyday doing the things that have been done in these “True Stores”. 

I am not seeking to glorifying criminal lifestyle or promote drug usage or in any other way take pride in any of the activities that will be discussed. It is how I keep myself on the narrow path of righteousness because I know the wide path leads to misery, death and destruction. To God be the glory. So stay tuned my friends.

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