Robert Kirkman’s Intro To ‘The Walking Dead’ Comic Explains How Long We Can Expect The Show To Last

So I take it Rick has already died in the graphic novels?




Well, not really forever, but for a long, long time. When show and comic creator Robert Kirkman wrote this introduction to The Walking Dead comic back in 2003, he envisioned a story that would cover “years of Rick Grimes’ life” in the post-apocalyptic landscape. Read this interesting tidbit from Kirkman’s intro to the series:

For me the worst part of every zombie movie is the end. I always want to know what happens next. Even when all the characters die at the end… I just want it to keep going.

More often than not zombie movies feel like a slice of a person’s life until whoever is in charge of the movie gets bored. So we get to know the character, they have an adventure and then, BOOM, as soon as things start getting good… those pesky credits start rolling.

The idea behind the The Walking Dead is to…

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