Looking For Miracles? Adjust Your Outlook, You Might See Millions!

Lets be honest, we all have our own idea of what a miricle looks, feels or affects our lives like. Most of us would have a hard time looking at something that affects us in a negative way as a miricle in the making. However with the advantage of 20/20 hindsight we would be able to look back at some of the miracles that have happened within our own lives. When I look back at how my God intervened in my own life I notice a pattern of near missses, situations I survived just by the skin of my teeth, and delivery from what I did not expect to be delivered from. When looking back one would be foolish to not be grateful for the miracles and the timing of which they happened (timing is a huge part of any miracle, always remember that Our time is not Gods time. Gods is always on time even if he isn’t on our time) but I noticed that miracles always seem to happen when I need them the most! The simple answer to that is “if I didn’t need Devine Intervention it wouldn’t have take a miracle….” to get me through what ever storm I was in the midst of. 


In all honesty there are times that even after Gods Holy intervention instead of being grateful for a miricale and joyful for being in Gods favor, I focus on the situation from which I was delivered! That is how ungrateful I can be. I am not proud to admit that I am not the Man of God I should be, but I am honest enough to re-evaluate the amount of praise that I generate to glorify God in all things! Adjusting my perspective and polishing my outlook for clarity allows me to have a better understanding for what I should be seeing. If I take the time to give God His Glory I would be more likely to appreciate the hard times that God delivered me from instead being bitter for the hard times. 


Seek With All Your Heart

When seeking out miricales, be it in your situation on that of a loved one, be mindful that a series of miricales have already taken place! So regardless of the outcome of whatever you are praying for God to intervene, thank God for the strength that has been displayed through you already. He didn’t bring you this far to abandon you now…. 😇


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