My Favorite Moments From The Walking Dead #1

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I love television. Currently my favorite show is AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Currently the series is in its fifth season and I have a feeling the show is gonna have a hell of a season finale. I was thinking to myself what my favorite moments were in the past episodes. If you are not up to date SPOILER ALERT

When Shane Killed Otis

Otis shot Karl while hunting a deer, Karl ends up on Hershel’s farm and in need of surgery. Before the surgery can be performed some other equipment is going to be required. The equipment is located at a school that has been overrun by


zombies. Shane and Otis head off to fetch the equipment, shooting their way out of an ugly situation ammo ran low. With both of them down to only a few rounds left Shane shoots Otis in the leg leaving to become zombie dinner. That was a move made by a survivor in the world that the cast now finds themselves living in. It was a cold move but Shane was “Mr. Get-The-Job-Done” to this point and he was not going to die on that day so I have to respect that move. Another reason I like this moment was because of the way the story was told. The episode begins with Shane cutting his hair in the mirror obviously back on Hershel’s farm. The reason Shane needed to cut his hair is revealed later in the episode, ending the same way it began. Brilliant!

Sophia Is Found In The Barn

Sophia was lost when a heard of zombies passes the group when they found themselves broken down on their way to Fort Benning. Sophia runs off and the group spends about half the season looking for her. In the meantime the group finds themselves on a farm that is gracious enough to allow them to stay for awhile. It becomes known that the barn on the property is also housing zombies and a few in the group are not okay with that idea, and an assault on the barn zombies


begins. After the bloodshed appears to be over the sounds of one more zombie comes from the barn. Out walks Sophia (zombified) and Rick re-establishes himself as the leader by stepping up to handle the situation. This moment made me emotional.

Glenn Goes Beast Mode

In season 3 Glenn and Maggie get kidnapped by Merle. While trying to locate the whereabouts of his brother Merle beats on Glenn pretty good and then throws a zombie into the room with Glenn (Glenn is tied up by the way). I honestly thoughtglenn

this was going to be the end of Glenn but he somehow got out of it alive. (I love the scream that he gives after he kills the zombie) Beast mode.

What were some of your favorite moments from “The Walking Dead” ?

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