Why We Should Never Take Things For Granted

A great read. We all too often take things for granted, it is human nature. We should take time out of each day to remember what we do have and remember to remain grateful.


mommy and me

As I sit here next to my mother in her hospital bed, it hit me how crazy life is.  Some people get through it by playing it safe, but never really experience being genuinely happy.  Then you have others who struggle through it, yet have so much joy and love in their hearts.  And then there are people like me, who believe that life is beautiful, even when it’s painful.

For the past 8 years, I’ve watched addiction slowly kill my mother.  It’s not easy, sometimes it can be maddening, and other times it’s just down right heart wrenching.  But in between all of the chaos and insanity there is love.  She is the most beautiful, amazing person I have ever met, even in the state that she is in now.  Some might say that she’s an angel who simply doesn’t know how to deal with hardships in life, which I believe is the…

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