Spotting True Love: Part one

There are a few different ways to tell if someone loves you. There is what a person says, what they do and how they act. Let’s go over what people say when they are in love:

  • Are You In Their Future?

When someone loves you they might have a hard time picturing their future without you in it. There are subtle words that they will use like “we” instead of “I”, or they will wonder about what you have planned for your future. Then they might try to fit themselves into that foreseeable future.

  • They Notice Your Positive Attributes !

True love has a way of pointing out your good and over-looking your bad. That does not mean that you don’t have ANY bad attributes, nor does it mean when he/she points out a negative that they don’t love you. All this means is that your true love will spend more time pointing out your good vs. your bad.

True love more than shallow compliments. “You have a great body.” is a nice thing to hear but true love looks beyond your physical self and should be able to appreciate the mental and spiritual you as well. “You have such a great outlook on life.” is what your true love should be looking for in someone they plan to spend the rest of their life with.

  • “I Love You”

“I love you” is different from a reply like “You too”. Does he/she say they love you for no reason at all?

  • Openness

Does he/she open up to you? Do you know things about him/her that everyone on Facebook might not? Does he/she tell you about their fears, hopes, dreams, feelings, etc. Do they share things with you that they wouldn’t/haven’t shared with anyone else?

  • “I Miss You”

When you are apart does he/she tell you how much they miss you? They don’t have to be a borderline stalker to let you know that they miss you. They don’t have to call you every hour on the hour to let you know they miss you either. If they say they miss you without being prompted then that is a good sign that true love is present.

  • Do They Love You “ANYWAY”

None of us are perfect. Does he/she point out your flaws (and loves you ANYWAY)? If so that might be a good sign! It shows a level of openness, as well as a realistic view of you. It is also a sign of future planning because there might be somethings that are going to present problems in the future, which he/she hope you will be a part of!

If you never argue or disagree that could be a sign of someone being in love with the idea of being with you as opposed to being in love with YOU!

  • What Do You Think?

Is your opinion worth anything to him/her? If they truly love you then your opinion will matter to some extent. Don’t misunderstand this to mean that they will take all of your advice! What this means is that they will ask and listen.

The things that matter to him/her they should want to know how you feel and think about those things too!

Stay Tuned For Part 2

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