God, The Pope and The Big Bang

God and the Pope

Pope Francis

Recently pope Francis has not only acknowledged the Big Bang theory and Darwin’s theory, he has said that they are “true.” It seems to me that the Big Bang theory and organized religion have never played nice with one another. The Darwin theory would get you stoned because “I didn’t come from monkeys!” is how simple minded people look at Darwin’s theory. So it is very interesting to me that the highest ranking religious figure looks upon both and says they are “true”. The reason I find this interesting is because someone (it just so happens to be the Pope) looks at both theories the same way I do, neither of them disprove the existence of God. I don’t understand the folks that run in the religious circles, other than the fact they appear to be extremely small minded and if it ain’t in the Bible then it ain’t true, that is all I know about them. I also know that I am not welcome in their circles because my view of God isn’t like theirs, mostly because I can admit that I don’t know and most religious people can’t.

Genesis, the first book in the Bible, tells the story of creation. Adam and Eve, the garden of Eden, and the fall of man yet for some reason it never sat well with me. Not if it was something that is supposed to be taken literally word for word. I could not wrap my mind around the 7 day theory, who was there to account the seven days? It made more sense to me that the seven days were not actual seven days but were to represent the process (once God finished with this he worked on that) and it was well designed. I think that the Big Bang and Darwin’s theory bring more glory to God because it points out how complex the creation of the universe was. It does not mean that God made monkeys meaning to make humans, it means that for us to be what we are took a lot of planning and forethought. Besides the whole “monkey to man” oversimplifies the Darwin theory so much so to the point it makes it not true.

The Pope sees the same thing that I see and that scares me.

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