Seeking Him: The Whole Armor Of God (part 1)

Whole Armor Of God
Whole Armor Of God


The war being waged is one that is more important than any conflict that has or will ever be waged. When I was first introduced to the Bible it was presented to me as a friendly happy collection of books that told of a pleasant God who loves us. The last part I believe is true but the rest I’m not sure about. I have totally began to look at the Bible as more of a darker collection of documents that are not complete yet still provide enough information. Eternal Warfare I still believe that God loves us yet he is disgusted by every one of us! I have a hard time with believing that God is an “know-all, see-all” entity but I can accept the fact he without a doubt “knows-more, sees-more”. The reason I say that is only because I struggle understanding why would any being create mankind if he KNEW the troubles it would cause? I understand that His ways are not our ways yet why go through the trouble?

While I am not sure about a lot of things that I have been taught in regards to the Bible being true, I am sure that God is real. In other words I am sure that there is a higher power and I believe that we are not alone in the universe. I believe that the Bibile has enough to save our souls but there is a lot missing from the Bible and it makes me wonder why. I also believe that the common perception we have of God, Satain, and the Afterlife all together is so far off from the truth. I think that the truth would blow our minds! I believe that the spiritual realm and the physical realm are closer to one another than we would care to know! I just don’t know where or why any of this is important. But I feel as though it is

I will be working on a series of posts that will share with readers what I feel as though the common public and organized religion is getting wrong. If this is something that you care to read please just read it with an open mind. The next part of this series will look in to the “banned books” of the Bible starting with The Book of Enoch. Stay tuned

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