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I have not been able to read as much as I would like to recently. So that is something that I will be working on implementing into my daily routine. I typically only read one book (The Bible) every other book I can wait for the movie. Yet as I have been doing some writing I been thinking that I would like to “read around”. I don’t think that makes me a ‘blog whore’ I just don’t want to miss out on what the world of WordPress has out there. There are more bloggers in the sea and I like fishing! So I want to share my latest catch.

Thy Critic Man is displayed above my fireplace. Being a critic is something that comes natural to almost all of us. Yet there are few people who can turn criticism into an art. Yet, that is what the folks behind Thy Critic Man have been able to do. There are reviews of movies, TV show even video games. I will admit I didn’t agree with all the reviews but that is to be expected. I would be worried if there was a website (that I didn’t contribute to) that expressed exactly how I feel about any particular product, media content or news headline. I have a hard enough time expressing my thought to anyone not named ‘Me’, so maybe it would be cool. ANYWAY…..I digress do yourself a favor and Follow Thy Critic Man.


also follow ‘The Revelations Of Randomness’

Thy Critic Man.

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