LBJ gets a new HAIRLINE!

The King’s new and improved hairline did not go unnoticed, not by me at least. You can rest assured that Kenny, Chuck, and Shaq will ‘buss sum jokes’ at the King’s expense once the NBA returns to TNT. I have been and continue to be a LBJ supporter, he is the most talented and naturally gifted person to play in the NBA. NO HE IS NOT JORDAN! I grew up in the Jordan era so you will NEVER convince me that LBJ is the ‘second coming’. One thing I am able to understand that most who entertain the ‘Jordan v. James’ debate is that James most likely grew up watching Kobe Bryant winning rings in L.A. And we know that Kobe watched Jordan. My point is that James (along with other NBA stars) is now carrying the torch. James might not need to get 7 rings to be considered to be the greatest of his generation (as he should be) so with all that being said…… I couldn’t help but wonder if the King is THAT CONCERNED with the jabs he gets about his hairline that he went to go see Dr. Bosley for hair plugs. It’s possible, and it could be possible that LBJ’s ‘People’ or even his ‘Sponsors’ suggested it would be good for the LBJ Brand. Either way….it’s not that important to me. I am excited for the return of the NBA regular season though! Until then I guess James hairline will have to do.

The Sportslorette Palace!

It’s no secret what women do to get the long luxurious hair. But when it comes to the King himself it’s definitely a well-kept secret.

LeBron James introduced his new LeBron 12 earlier this week. However, instead of the shoes getting the attention it was his new hairline that stole the spotlight.

James has always been the center of jokes for his balding, but after Tuesday the two-time NBA champ has people wondering how he did it.

Was it Propecia or Rogaine?

Let’s just say money did it. Obviously he didn’t grow it on his own overnight.

And from the look on the girl’s face in the picture she’s not even convinced he grew it on his own.


I guess he can lose the headband now and show off that new line of hair.

Who said going back home to Cleveland wouldn’t have its perks? It’s just September, and LBJ…

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