I am so sick of being misunderstood! I speak English and so does everyone I speak to. I ONLY speak English! I’d like to think that I have a great command of the English language. So I get extremely frustrated when I am misunderstood by people that I choose to communicate with. It’s the same kind of frustration that you may have whenever you have to use the phrase “What part of NO don’t you understand?” it’s just more common with me. I feel like that when I talk to anyone who misunderstands me. “I don’t know how to be anymore crystal clear, on how crystal clear I’m being right now” Sam Witwikki from ‘Transformers’ said and I try to be crystal clear when I choose to speak, which isn’t often.

I don’t know if I don’t speak often because I loath being misunderstood, or if it is more because I don’t enjoy speaking to stupid people. So when I reflected on that I had to start with me. I realize there are times I mumble. That is something that I need to work on. I also noticed that when I feel comfortable talking to a person and become passionate about a subject I get excited. When I get excited I speak faster than I think, so I become tongue tied. That is also something I will work on. I also have talked above my audience’s understanding at times. All of these things I have been working on, yet I still am misunderstood at times.

Being misunderstood becomes old very quick. The energy it takes it too explain that I already explained is a drain. There is also being misunderstood as a person. I know that people are negative but I would think that there at least some people that might want to believe in the good in me. That is the most draining thing. The fact that people would over look a lot in order to believe some outlandish garbage is damn near depressing. When reflecting upon being misunderstood as a person I spotted behavior that explains a bit. Not wanting to speak or verbalize every single thought that pops into my head has never been something I did or was interested in doing. I however take that to another level by not expressing anything. So it would seem to others that I’m quiet. There are a lot of thoughts that swirl around in my mind, very few am I willing to share.

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