Equal Rights: A Work In Progress

“I am a sinner/who is probably gonna sin again” Kendrick Lamar chimes in ‘B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and that is true for all of us. It is something at we all would do well to remember. Keeping that in mind I sometimes forget that fact from time to time. I have been known to be VERY judgmental when it comes to people, their situations, and their actions. “Why don’t you just do [FILL IN THE BLANK] ?” and statements like that makes people think that I think I’m better than others, and that is not entirely how I feel.

The God’s honest truth is although I believe we were all created equally that does not remain true for the duration of your life. Depending on where you were raised you might learn this really early in life. Others might live their entire life believing this myth. Don’t misunderstand me it would be ideal if that were the case but it would also be a very different world (I imagine it would more of a communist society that would have never emerged from the Iron Age and I’m not sure I would like that. I prefer the devil I know over the devil I don’t know. I am a firm believer in capitalism and I wouldn’t exchange that for much else). At some point in our lives we separate from “the pack”, some of us might even be born into a “better-than” or “lesser-than” situation.

No matter where you are or came from socially/economically you are still a sinner. The God of my understanding (I don’t like the idea of claiming a religion because I rather focus on my spirituality but for the interest of space consider me a “Born Again Christian”) is not pleased with sin or sinners. This means that my God is not pleased with Me or You. That might come as a surprise to you. It might even knock u off your high horse a bit. It gives me an indescribable amount of peace to know in the eyes of my God Warren Buffet and I are the same. Sinners. When I think of that it reminds me that I have got to try and stop judging others. Plus not judging others is just a good idea for a better life overall.

I really wish I was wrong but I’m glad I’m right. Allow me to explain: I wish I was wrong because I wish we were and remained equal. However I’m glad that I’m right because I realize how truly blessed I am. I realize, no matter how you slice it, I am not equal to the children in other parts of the world. That does NOT make me happy by any means. In fact it angers me to a certain extent. I also know for a fact I am not equal to members of Congress, CEO’s and celebrities. That also angers me. Equality is a great concept, but I believe it is unnatural and near impossible to maintain. The equality that we as Americans continue to refine isn’t a promise of an equal lifestyle or equal income or even equal education. It is only a promise of equal “Rights” that from the very second it was written was a work in progress.

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