Ride Your Own Beef

‘Ride your own beef.’ is a term you will hear a lot in the criminal underworld. It basically is the same as ‘Stop snitching’, what ‘Ride you own beef’ implies is that if we are doing something wrong (it doesn’t have to be committing crimes) it could be as simple as taking a longer lunch break than we should. At some point you get caught there is NO REASON you should bring anyone else up. That’s what it means to ‘Ride your own beef’

I have recently encountered someone who should be riding their own beef, but instead this sorry MF threatens to throw me under the bus (good luck with that). What makes this even worse is I was not even involved in any of the nonsense that got that person in the bind they found themselves in. As a matter of fact other than this person being someone I work with, I don’t even know this person. Which makes me question why that person would even think that they have something on me.

Anyway please keep it solid and ride your own beef!!!

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