Who Said Life Is Fair?

Yesterday I wrote about the road map to Random. That post was more about how I arrive in the Realm of Randomness so often. Make no mistake, I do not always enjoy being in the Realm of Randomness. From time to time I find valuable information within that realm, but if I could choose I would rather learn whatever I learn in that realm in the real world. I don’t get to choose as far as that is concerned but there are several things I DO get to choose and when given an option I like to make the best choice avaliable to me. I have compared the ablity to make choices to the NBA or NFL draft because they are alike in this way; the options avalible to others will not be the same avalible to you. For those readers who have no idea how the NBA or NFL draft works here is a very quick run down. Remember in grade school when team captains would pick who they wanted on their team? It just like that with 30 team captains. Moving on……

There are so many things in regards of day-to-day life that are not fair, but we all get choices. Some choices are choosing between two shitty options. Some people find themselves in a position to chose between two (or more) great options that’s life. This may not sound fair to many people and to those people I agree 100% but I would also say “Welcome to life.” If anyone told you that life is fair then you have been lied to. If you are an adult who still belives that life is fair then you have lived a VERY sheltered life. The rest of us know that life is not fair alot of us think that it should be and a few of us understand life never will be fair. Coming to the latter conclusion is a break-through within it’s self, with that understood I want to get back to choices. Even when you have to choose between dog shit or cat shit (neither one being a no-brainer) you make the choice that works best for you, because you will be the one to live through the concequences or reap the rewards.

“Some people manage to live above the bullsh*t that life handed them from birth.”

Here in America we have oppertunity which is something that a lot of people do not have. Oppertunity means that even if you were born into a bad situation it does not define the rest of your life. You can always make the best out of a bad situation. Some people manage to live above the bullshit life handed them from birth, but most don’t. That is more a result of the choices they have made through out their years than it is of anything else. The biggest system of oppression here in modern America is the one we create for ourselves. Thats not to say that there is no system of oppression as a minority I know better (I’m sure some women would also agree.) but that can be defeated. The limits we create in our own mind are the biggest hurddle we will encounter. The best way to defeat any system designed to hold you down is to first believe you can overcome, second make the best choice in any given situation.

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