Therapy Through Blogging: Road Map To Random

Most mental health professionals would tell you there is a theraputic value in journaling. Blogging has become the journaling of the digital age and tablets make blogging easier by making it possiable to blog from anywhere. I was not a huge beliver in mental health wellness until I came to the conclusion that I might have some mental heath issues myself. Before I started seeking some professional help I was determined to fight through whatever my diagnaosed condition turned out to be without the aid of medication. I say that only because I am currently in my early 30’s and have not needed medication up to this point in my life. I am also a recoving addict and medicating to feel better is tip-toeing on a very fine line for me.

Personally I don’t have anything against those whose mental health condition requires them to take medication. I do feel as though there is a tendency to perscribe medication and not enough focus on lifestlye changes and stress management. Writing has been as theraputic as venting and is now my go-to stress management tool. Whenever i find myself in a stressfull situation I look for something that I can write with and something I can write on. As I write this there is two women arguing a toddler screaming for no apparent reason and a arouma of funky feet. This would typically cause me to have a melt down, but instead i’m writing and pinching my nose. Of courese this did not change any of the stress causing conditions that I mentioned before but it is helping me manage the stress.

The Realm of Randomness

Stress and stressful conditions have been some of the main reasons I would find myself dirfting off into Randomness. Randomness has become a escape from the daily madness that surrounds me. From time to time when I would retreat to Randomness I would discover some valuable (or invaluable which oddly enough means the same thing) revelation that I would most likely soon forget due to the constant chaos that I would have to come back to. In order to remember the revelations discovered in the Realms of Randomness I decided to journal them. Then my desire to share the same revelations prompted me to look into blogging which is nothing but an online version of a journal.

And here we are, The Revelations of Randomness was born out of chaos, confusion, and stress in order to help deal with chaos, confusion, and stress. So far so good.

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