The Method of Randomness

Thanks for your interest in Randomness. Perhaps the fact you have an interest in Randomness and if so then that’s something we have in common. Random facts renewed a long term lease in the high rent district of my frontal lobe (the view is amazing with great schools nearby) so I guess I might as well get used to Random because Random will be around for a while. Random, however, should not be mistaken as useless because there is a difference. Useless information as it’s name would suggest is just useless. Random information (by the definition random) lacks any real structure, pattern, purpose or objective but could still come in handy. That kinda describes the way I think most of my thoughts, or how a conversation with me must seem to anyone within the sound of my voice (or this post). There was a method to the reason behind this post and that is to help you understand what it is I hope to deliver to readers of Randomness. Simply put I hope to deliver information. A lot of information that covers a lot of trending topics and I hope it creates a lot of conversations. Conversations, which I hope will help us understand the seemingly Randomness that we identify in others while overlooking the fact that others think the same about us. We are all Random to those who don’t know us, but that is something that we have in common. Like a family, we might not know distant relatives but we still have that common bond which is our Randomness. The categories from where the trending topics of any future posts to this bolg will be one of the following; News (from mainstream media sources to tabloid journalist) Sports (mostly American major sports pro, collegiate, and perhaps even prep) Technology Health and Wellness Urban/ “Ol’ Wives” tales And whatever else I find “blog-worthy” Keep in mind that Randomness is a constant work in progress and is an art more than a science. Currently the majority of the information that I have been collecting can be found in online magazines on Flipboard. If you don’t know about Flipboard go to the “Flipboard” page on my blog site and educate yourself. Then download the app from the links on that “Flipboard” page and start ‘flipping”. You can subscribe to anyone of my magazines (find me by searching “RoR”, short for Revelations of Randomness) , contribute to other peoples, and even create your own. If you do create your own magazine, please share it with me and I will share it with everyone who ends up following this blog (all six of them, lol). At this time the magazines I have include the categories in the list above and there are other magazines that exist for your viewing and reading pleasure. There my be changes to the titles of the current magazines and if that does happen I will announce those changes within the cyber walls of this blog. Below are the links and the titles of the magazines available now (I forgot to mention everything is 100% free). Random suggestions are encouraged (rude comments are ignored) you can send those Random suggestions to me any number of ways; Via email: Via Facebook: Via Twitter: @revofrandom Via comments section. The frequency of postings to this blog has yet to be determined. I am hoping to find contributors who blog about topics that I want to include in the Realm of Randomness. If you would like to be a contributor then please contact me. I think that’s enough Randomness for now. Here are the links as I promised. Sports 2014: Entertainment: Technology: pAWWWWWs (pronounced ‘Pause’): Abuse of Power: This Message Will Self-Destruct……: You Outta Know: Your Random Weekly Wrap-Up: Random Stuff [NSFW]: And for all you football fans out there be sure to check out #NFL3D: #NFL3D is full of Fantasy Football tips, cheat sheets, mock drafts, and analysis. Betting tips, methodology, and picks. As well as news, scores, trades and other rumors. If you love football this is for you, if you know someone who doesn’t understand football this is for them. This is for everyone who enjoys the game of football.

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