Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself: #randomness

Hello WordPress readers and everyone else who might end up reading this, I am one of the authors of this concept that has been code named #randomness. My name isn’t important so don’t worry about it, niether is; where I am from, where I currently live, where I currently work, IF I currently have a job, if I am a male or female, if I prefer Mac over PC, if I prefer Xbox One over PS4, and any other question not directly tied to the concept on #randomness. So now I shall try to explain #randomness, it was think-tanked as a collection of content (mostly online, but if we discover other mediums that #randomness exists then we will find a way to deliver it to our readers) and wrap it up in a way that allows people who subscribe to the blog to consume the information socially and easily.

So far we have a eight magazines on Flipboard (if you don’t know what Flipboard is you are missing out on the best app for current events) they are;

‘You Outta Know‘: A collection of trending topics or content.

‘Sports 2014’: Covers major American sports news (i.e. football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, MMA, and boxing) both college and professional.

‘Technology’: Covers tech news from across the U.S. and the World.

‘Entertainment’: Covers news trending in entertainment outlets from the web along with other entertaining viral content.

‘#NFL:3D’: a concept that informs readers about the many dimensions of the NFL from news to Fantasy Football to Sports Betting/Investing.

‘Abuse of Power’: covers news of corruption and dirty public officials and the fall out of their scandals.

‘Your Weekly Random Wrap-Up’: the more interesting stories from the trending topics, sports, tech, and news of the World. As well as post from this and other interesting blogs we have come across that week.

‘This Message Will Self Destruct…..’: this magazine explores the conspiracy community and some of the more talked about cover-ups, or mis-information delivered by traditional media outlets.

There will be other topics we will hope to cover (we are open to suggestions too) and the idea is to create discussions about the more serious topics and as well as a place were we can poke fun at the more sillier content. Please send your comments and suggestions to us

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